The opinion of clients

Researcher at Donders Institute, Radboud University
The coach let me talk a lot, and formulizing the problem and my current situation helped to better understand the details. Sara was listening very well to what I said and picked out specific aspects to focus on and go deeper. I also got valuable feedback when needed. After the coaching sessions with her, I better understand my strengths and my core values now. Some of which were surprising to me. I developed a plan on how to proceed from here and explore potential job possibilities outside of academia, in addition to also trying to advance my academic career.
PhD student , Radboud University
Sara is a critical listener and an extremely caring person. She challanged me with the right questions, helped me to understand my core values and to face some of my insecurities. I am very grateful for her help, warmth and patience.


Assistant Professor

Last year, I experienced a moment of uncertainty in my career, and I needed some guidance to figure out the next steps. I met Sara a few years back while we were both doing our post-doc in Nijmegen, and I knew she had become a career coach specialised in struggling academics :) I got in touch with her and, after an intake session, I opted for the package "To the goal", including 6 sessions. I found the journey extremely useful. Every session was dedicated to exploring new issues and topics, without losing sight of the goals that had been set in the beginning. Thanks to Sara's ability in asking me the right questions, and the practical exercises she suggested me to do during and in between our meetings, at the end of the 6th session I felt really accomplished - my initial goals have been achieved, and my self awareness have massively improved! Thank you Sara, I'm already recommending you to all my colleagues who may need some help!